Top 5 Music Web Hosts In 2016

Have a new music track or composition to share with the world? Want to download that great song you listened to on your drive back home? There are a number of websites that offer one of both of these services. What is important is finding the right host who enables easy music sharing. Again, there are a number of such hosts for musicians; however, here are the top 5 reputed hosts for musicians in 2016.



This site is a social media platform where you can not only download the songs of your choice at high quality, but can also upload music of your choice. This is the perfect place to share your own musical creations. The site allows the owner of the track to control the download of their music file. They can enable or disable downloads. If download is enabled, the number of downloads can be limited and if downloading is disabled, the track can only be heard and not downloaded.


This music hosting site was started in 2006 and helped millions of artists to showcase their talents to the world. It has also helped promising artists build their career as more number of people clicking on it or downloading it will help them gain recognition and popularity.


In today’s world of highly priced services, Ampslam is a free and independent music sharing committee that enables new and upcoming artists share their talent with rest of the world. Any music lover can browse through and download any song of their choice, absolutely free. When downloads are not charged, more users tend to take a chance and download new tracks. This will increase the number of downloads for a musician, thereby helping them gain fame.


This site allows musicians to upload their tracks and enables them to keep a close watch on their progress, as fans are allowed to “like” the songs that impress them. More likes indicates more listeners and more downloads. This way, the musician knows how many people are in favor of the music and how many have actually downloaded it. This host has been very successful in selling the music of local artists to its fans.


This music host was established in the year 2000. It allows you to build your own music website where you can build a platform to share all your music with others. The musicians can sell their music to those online, thereby earning from their music. The musicians can not only sell but also promote their music and build up their fan base. This host also provides a variety of tools that enable the new upcoming musicians and artists to exhibit their talents and grow their career online.

The above stated music hosts are some of the many available on the internet. These hosts are top rated for the year 2016 due to the various features offered by them. One can go beyond downloading music tracks for free and performing within their bathroom walls. Let the world know how talented you are!