About Flat design!

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What’s happening with flat design these days, this new hype started a while back, but since apple updated their os to reflect the new design style, it’s going nuts.

For those that don’t know what flat design is, it’s basically a new UI style that does away with all the gradients, drop-shadows, and textures. It focuses on a content oriented minimalistic look, with very simple elements and slightly desaturated colours. Aside from the obvious advantages like better readability for the users, as the distractions of hyper dynamic elements have been removed, the use of flat design actually allows for faster browsing. Because the elements don’t have all the fancy gradients and added textures, the file-size is smaller, and thus load faster.


So in short, it’s a minimalistic design approach the features a lot of clean crisp spaces, edges, and colours. It also benefits your web host as there’s less to load. Though keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that the style is boring, it just removes those extra’s that have no function, and focuses on large coloured blocks to quickly draw the user’s attention to the most important content.