What is blue host web hosting?

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Introduction to BlueHost Founded by serial entrepreneur Matt Heaton, Blue Host is among the most widely used and most popular web hosting providers outperforming its competitors in both hosting reliability and loading speed. ┬áIt is built on open source technology and is among the most reliable web hosting services powering literally millions of websites. Owned […]

Website design in a mobile world

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Web design has come a long way since it’s beginnings way back in the late 1990’s, we’ve gone through a variety of design styles, with the lates one being flat UI design. Though with most of the world’s web traffic going through mobiles, we’re at the cusp of another massive change. Where as before you […]

Web design and seo tips

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Practically speaking, everybody knows that website design is important. We are all aware that initial perceptions actually do make a difference and that a poor 1st perception is touch and even impossible to beat. We might even be tuned in to the reality that people are visual creatures that are strongly impacted by the way […]

About Flat design!

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What’s happening with flat design these days, this new hype started a while back, but since apple updated their os to reflect the new design style, it’s going nuts. For those that don’t know what flat design is, it’s basically a new UI style that does away with all the gradients, drop-shadows, and textures. It […]