Advantages of VPS Hosting

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a server that has been divided into n number of sections, where each section is enabled with its own share of resources.

The advantages of an Australian based VPS :

  1. Safe to use: To execute the purpose of VPS the host applies barrier program to create individual blocks for users. This program ensures that other users cannot accidentally or intentionally access or harm your server.
  1. Optimal speed: Since VPS allocates individual resources to each virtual server the speed does not get affected by any lags created by other servers. Latency rates also remains lower for the same reasons.
  1. Provides Administrative powers: This is one of the main highlights of hosting your website on a virtual private server. The user doesn’t have to depend on external help for accessing their server technicalities. Administrative powers for Windows, Root access for Linux.

Examples of the functions that can be accomplished using administrative powers are:

  • If the user wants to reset the server settings, they can do it on their own without any discretion of the host.
  • Installation of a new software can be done in most of the VPS servers. Exceptions can be made for huge resource requiring software’s.
  • The user can customise the server according to the needs, and upgrade services without migration when website traffic increases.
  1. Allots Unique IP address: Unique IP (internet protocol) address helps in accessing the website from web. This makes it more convenient for the user. Though the number of the IP address differs from one service provider to other.
  1. Provision of Burst Memory: In instances of huge web traffic than expected the provided resources prove to be insufficient. Burst memory is nothing but additional computing powers to deal with such situations. The host has to allocate Burst memory. This can only be used in emergency situations.
  1. Permits multiple site hosting: One can easily host different sites on the virtual server as far as the resources permit. It also supports multiple platforms in the same server.
  1. Cost efficient: It provides the functions of dedicated hosting but for fraction of its price.

Overall Virtual Private Server serves as a medium to exclusive access to resources at minimal prices without the drawbacks of shared hosting.